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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Looking for a Good "Cultural Refuge"
From an article on the Christian and Mainstream markets, by John Fischer on the Breakpoint site:

"The Christian bookstore, for instance, which used to exist to provide Bibles and other tools to help Christians along in their life of faith, is now an alternative form of Barnes and Noble, promising entertainment and education with the Christian stamp of approval. Much more than a place for finding resources to help live the Christian life, the Christian bookstore is now a refuge providing a cultural context for that life."

I wish that we had Christian bookstrores that were a true alternative to Barnes & Noble or Borders. But how many bookstores of any sort can I find books by Canon Press, P&R or Banner of Truth and the like? Where will I hear poetry readings, author talks, chamber music, etc.? Sure there are a handfull of the Coffee house/bookstore/art gallery places that attempt this, but they barely graze the surface. And (saddest of all) where is the community to support this?