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Friday, January 09, 2004
More on Piper's Pessimism
A While back (back in November) I commented on John Piper's article on culture which had been reprinted in the New Horizons (my denomination's mag) and was subsequently reprinted in World.

I had toyed with the idea a writing a letter to the editor (of New Horizons) but never got around to it. But Greg Baus did send in a letter with which I agree (as did several others). Greg has recently commented further on the topic and I have written a comment in response.

There are many in the OPC with a Kuperian vision of building a distinctively Christian culture (including some of my fellow church members!). But there are far too many who are "spiritual" ammillenialists, who see Christianity's (and the Kingdom's) essence as being spiritual and not physical. As such they are strange bed fellows with dispensationalists (and other premillenialists such a Piper) who have little real regard for culture.

Its time to admit that there is a lot more to being reformed than the five solas. As such Piper (as wonderful an author as he surely is!) doesn't cut it. We shouldn't go chasing after his opinion on cultural matters.