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Monday, February 02, 2004
A Quiet Life
We spent part of our Sabbath afternoon yesterday with some Christian friends. Our host read a challenging article from the most recent issue Banner of Truth by Walter Chantry on the idea of leading a quiet life (1 Thess 4:11 ; 1 Tim 2:2 -- not online yet).

Chantry pointed out the irony of how many Christians will move out into the country for the "quiet", only to end up busying themselves with the extra 20-30 minutes it takes to drive into town every time they need to run an errand, visit a fellow church member, etc.; not to mention the hours of extra yard maintenance, chores, etc. Reminds me again of that wonderful article in Wired on the Amish. We need to stop and look and listen -- figure out what this crazy culture is doing to us.

And RESIST it where it takes us away from communion with God.

I started my resistance in a small way by turning off the radio on my way to work.