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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Getting the Dirt on Culture
Check out this neat conference sponsored by Highlands Study Center, "For the Beauty of the Earth" featuring R.C. Sproul Jr, George Grant and Doug Jones.

"What is the secret of the grail? The land
and the king are one. The beauty, then, of
the earth, and the glory of the Lord are one.
Join us as we gather together to see the Lord’s
blessing, in giving us a land, and a Lord to
rule over it, as we consider together what
it means to be of both formed of the dust,
and remade in the image of the Son, as we
proclaim that He is Lord both of heaven and
of earth, as we gaze in wonder at the very
kingdom of God, right under our fingernails.
Celebrate with us earth, wind and fire, to
the glory of God and for the building of His

While you're at the HSC site, check out "Theology of Dirt" issue of Every Thought Captive, which has some delightful articles, including a review of Plowing.