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Monday, April 12, 2004
A Resurrected Earth

Tim Gallant posted his easter sermon here: Easter is about NEW life in all its glorious manifestations -- human and otherwise.

"And she thinks Him the gardener. So wrong - and yet, so right too. For here before her is the new Adam, and who is Adam, but the one is called from the beginning to care for the Garden, to tend it and to guard it? Not for the first time in John, one of the speakers utters words far truer and far more profound than they realize. Just as Caiaphas said that one man must die for the people; just as Pilate called Jesus the King of the Jews: Mary has hit the nail on the head. Jesus is the new Adam, the Gardener of the new creation."

Interfaces nicely with Andrew Sandlin's brand new book New Flesh, New Earth
The Life-Changing Power of the Resurrection