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Thursday, May 20, 2004
Amillenial Dispensationalism
Mark Horne recently posted a portion of an article by Michael Horton which included this juicy tidbit:

"The Old Covenant contains both the covenant of works (the typological land with its conditional promises) and the covenant of grace (heavenly land with its unconditional foundation in Jesus Christ who has fulfilled the covenant of works)."

This dualism focused on the land ("typological land" vs. "heavenly land") is remarkably similar to the dualism between Israel and the Church that one finds in classic dispensationalism.

Just as there is a radical continuity between the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and "New" covenants (and this is surely the heart of covenant theology - the bedrock of the Reformed faith!), so we must recognize that there is a radical continuity between this present earth and the New Earth to come. But we must not stop here. There is also a radical continuity between Christian culture today and culture we will enjoy on the New Earth.

Fail to see the cultural continuity and culture necessarily suffers. Fail to see the radical continuity of the present/New earth, and all we're left with is a gnostic ghost of a faith. Horton may talk all he want about a wholistic Christianity, and complain about how cultrally irrelavent or uninformed Reformed believers are, but his theological system at this point is part of the problem.