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Friday, June 18, 2004
On Diversity and Calling
Some nicely put observations from Touchstonemag.com blog:

"The same is true of men. Each of us has been made differently, according to our many kinds, qualities of race, sex, mind, and body, and to the combination of them that makes a unique self, according to the mind and will of the Creator. We are never remiss if we seek to perfect what we see ourselves made to be, if we seek within ourselves the Glorious Design.


What happens to the Christian who is seeking to do the will of God in such matters, I believe, is that he works to become what he finds has been placed within him, and that as this grows and matures and bears fruit he has something excellent to offer to the Lord. In offering that excellent thing (in imitation, and indeed, in the person, of Christ) he discovers and takes up his cross—which means he finds his pain and his shame, but also his joy and his glory."