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Friday, July 16, 2004
A Culture of Life (What Christian Culture Looks Like - Part X)
from the Bruderhof.
I may not agree with their theology or the specifics of their values and culture, but they earnestly seek out to live out what the believe. And much of what they believe is based on and shaped the scriptures.
"The Living see beyond themselves and their own desires.
The Living see the basic needs and hopes of others as the same as their own.
The Living know that even “dead men walking” can turn away from death toward life.
The Living recognize and practice a “community of life.”
The Living know good and evil tendencies are in every human being.
The Living practice repentance and forgiveness.
The Living are peacemakers.
The Living seek justice for all.
The Living are informed by history.
The Living see beyond their generation into the future.
The Living seek the same opportunity for others that they seek for themselves.
The Living respect, conserve, and share the resources of the Earth.The Living serve the spirit of love.The Living would rather build than destroy.
The Living seek truth instead of lies and illusions.
The Living choose trust over suspicion.
The Living celebrate life:  
  In the smile of a child,
   In the loving touch of hands,
   In the sharing of food and drink,
   In the healing of the sick,
   In the unique quality of each individual person,
   In shared laughter,
   In shared work, 
   In the beauty and sternness of nature,
   In song, dance, and story."