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Thursday, July 01, 2004
Truth in Labeling
Bopped over to Relevant Magazine site and found Dan Buck's "Getting out of the Faith Getto" .

"We have categorized ourselves out of the world. Life is one category. Good music, good art, good health and good prescription drugs are innately spiritual if they are in fact good. We don’t need to label something Christian to the exclusion of the rest of the world for it to be good and pure. Because all things that are good and pure are of God, whether the name on it is Rich Mullins or David Gray. All truth is God’s truth. If we are seeking God out in everything we do He will inevitably show up."

I wonder how Buck's approach would work in a culture, say, like Nazi Germany?

The key phrase here is "if they are in fact good".

Sure, merely slapping the label "Christian" on something doesn't make it good and pure. And there are many things which do not have the explicit label "Christian" which are good and pure. Most of this stuff (all?) if it truly good and pure, must be Christian anyway, or be thoroughly influenced by biblical principles and values.