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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Paved Paradise?
Roads are a key part of the cultural development of the earth. Streets are part of the fabric of the New Jerusalem. The Romans figure out quickly the importance of good roads. And we reap the benefits of the superhighway system today.

This theme was nicely commented on this blog entry (which I found via the CityComforts blog) which refers to a recent program on the History Chanel on "Paving America" which recounts the development of the highway in the US. (Here is Oregon we have the marvelously aesthetic Columbia River Highway which was developed by Sam Hill to transport grain from the eastern part of the state to Portland.)

An additional note: the blogger points out that suburban sprawl is because of the Interstate system. I disagree. Maybe a large part of the sprawl can be blamed on superhighways. But suburbs had their origin cities like New York (Long Island) and Philadelpha because of the development of the train and trolley.