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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Solomon the Culture-Maker
is a theme I explore briefly in Plowing. He is simultaneously a type of Christ - master-builder of the New Creation/Culture (it is no accident that he was a carpenter before he entered his "ministry"), and the prototypical redeemed man fulfilling - finally - his calling to tranform the earth. Peter Leithart recently explored this theme as well in a recent post. Here is a taste:

"I think this is best explained by seeing that Solomon, as son of David and son of Yahweh, is a creator-builder like his Heavenly Father. In 1 Kings 3:4ff, Solomon receives divine wisdom, the same wisdom that, by Solomon's own account, was a master-craftsman beside Yahweh as He created the world. Solomon is clearly organizing, dividing and distinguishing, shaping and filling Israel and then the temple."