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Thursday, October 21, 2004
Contentment and Christian Culture
I believe strongly that there is such thing as Christian Culture and get excited when I see bits and pieces of Christian Culture being established.

Doug Wilson makes an excellent point that we will never really establish vibrant, extensive Christian Culture until we manifest in our thoughts and lives the fruits of the Spirit. Chief among this is

But the fear of the Lord is manifested, gloriously, in gratitude and contentment. It is not manifested first in conservative theology or family values. It is manifested in love, joy, and peace. Ungrateful and discontent peoplein short, worriers and complainerscreate problems, usually for themselves, wherever they go. People who are all in a dither about paper diapers and the environment, demanding we go back to cloth diapers are probably the kind of people who never thanked the Lord for either. St. Paul said he had learned contentment whatever the circumstance. When we are talking about health, diet, environment, etc. this must go in the first place. If it does not, then everything afterwards is skewed.