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Thursday, March 03, 2005
City as Culture and Goal of Gospel
I came across another promising book reviewd in the most recent issue of the OPC rag New Horizons: Lester DeKoster's Light for the City: Calvin's Preaching, Source of Life and Liberty.

According to Lester De Koster, the doctrine of predestination as taught by Calvin makes building the kingdom of God, rather than evangelism, the sole and highest calling of Christians. Calvin's preaching, his Institutes of the Christian Religion, and his leadership of the church and government in Geneva were each directed toward establishing God's kingdom on earth. De Koster cogently argues this provocative case in the hope that, by properly understanding Scripture as a "dynamic creative Agent of the City," faithful preaching today, just as in Calvin's day, will strive to evoke the City of God on earth.

The reviewer - a gnostic amillenialist - dissed the book for being to concrete (the kingdom of God is spiritual after all).

I really like his thesis. Lines up with a lot of what I say in Plowing. Similar to Leithart's ideas as well...