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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Clowney's Cultural Legacy
As most of you already know, Edmund Clowney died last week. Not only was he a champion of Reformed theology, but he was a champion of Christian culture as well. This is reflected in Clowney's sons.

My wife Marjorie lived with Clowney's son Paul -- a successful graphic designer -- in London in late 70's. I had the pleasure on interviewing Paul for my article on Hans Rookmaaker. Paul also wrote (with his wife) a terrific book of Church architecture that is now out of print.

Edmund's oldest son David authored a terrific hymn which is in the Trinity Hymnal which a wonderful ode to creation and culture:

God, All Nature Sings Thy Glory
David Clowney (age 16)
(To the tune Ode for Joy, L. Beethoven)

God, all nature sings Thy glory,
and Thy works proclaim Thy might;
Ordered vastness in the heavens,
ordered course of day and night;
Beauty in the changing seasons,
beauty in the storming sea;
All the changing moods of nature
praise the changeless Trinity.

Clearer still we see Thy hand
in man whom Thou hast made for Thee;
Ruler of creation’s glory, image of Thy Trinity.
Music, art, the fruitful garden,
all the labor of his days;
Are the calling of His Maker,
to the harvest feast of praise.

But our sins have spoiled Thine image;
nature, conscience only serve,
As unceasing, grim reminders
of the wrath which we deserve.
Yet Thy grace and saving mercy
in Thy Word of truth revealed.
Claim the praise of all who know Thee,
in the blood of Jesus sealed.

God of glory, power, and mercy,
all creation praises Thee;
We, Thy creatures, would adore Thee,
now and through eternity.
Saved to magnify Thy goodness,
grant us strength to do Thy will;
With our acts as with our voices
Thy commandments to fulfill. Amen.