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Friday, March 04, 2005
Doctrine Has Consequences
Andrew Sandlin exposes the folly of dispensational thinking on cultural activity in this response to something Bill Moyers said. (Its titled "The Apocalyptic Assault on Christian Culture".)

A sound Christian alternative to pop dispensationalism is historic Christendom, which recognizes continuity in history and understands that history ends only at Jesus’ Second Advent (1 Cor. 15:20-28). If a massive discontinuity will occur only at history’s end, Christians are encouraged to work to evangelize and disciple the nations with the confidence that the Lord accompanies them in their task, even to the end of the age (Mt. 28:18-20). They care for the environment as faithful stewards of God’s creation (Gen. 1:28). They press the claims of Jesus’ Lordship in all areas of life and thought (Ac. 2:29-36). They know that the meek will inherit the earth (Mt. 5:5).

Anybody remember James Watt and his crazy theology viz. the environment?