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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
Trip Thoughts - Part III: Sunday
My daughter and I worshipped Sunday morning at Messiah's Congregation our former church in Brooklyn. It was the first time we had visited in four years (the last time was just before 9-11). The church has recently merged with what used to be Kings Highway Baptist (they became fully Reformed!) and they now meet in their facility, which, to say the least, is a lot more comfortable than the torturous pews at the old Episcopal church they used to rent. (I do miss the ships models however.)

It was a wonderful homecoming. The singing was very rich. Steve Schlissel preached on John 12. And it was great visiting with old friends. It was announced during the worship service that one of Philippa's old playmates had just been accepted to Annapolis. Wow!

Afterwards we had dinner with the Schlissels which included several other old friends and several of Steve and Jeannie's grand kids. Pretty sobering to remember when their parents were babies. How time flies.

Jeannie served brussel sprouts. I wonder if that is in honor of my book?