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Monday, May 16, 2005
The Antithesis Is Hitting the Fan
in Moscow, Idaho.

We are called to a third approach. The task of the Church in the world is, always and everywhere, to confront idolatrous paganism. We are required to be the new Israel to the world, a light for the nations, and this is why faithfulness will always result in conflict. If we surrender, there is no conflict. If we retreat into our evangelical cloister, there is no conflict. But if we declare in faith that Jesus is Lord—Lord of heaven, Lord of earth, Lord of kings, King of lords, Lord of every blade of grass, Lord of mayors, Lord of nations, Lord of false religions, and Lord of cities and towns just like ours—we will have conflict. How could we not?

This is why we have had turmoil here in our town. This is why some Christians are distressed with us—we have broken that unsigned peace treaty they had worked out with the reigning paganism. But let us never forget that it is what we do here, in worship, that accomplishes everything that God has purposed. So let us sing around Jericho.