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Friday, May 06, 2005
Christendom Wrongly Conceived
From a recent post by Andrew Sandlin.

The more serious error the classical orientation poses to Christian culture is its ecclesiocentricity (church-centeredness). The classical world was the world of empire; and as most historians recognize, the patristic church gradually came to see itself as the replacement of the collapsing Roman Empire, with its own emperor (Pope), bureaucrats (priests) and vast human organization. The church-empire became the center of life.


What we need is a culture that seriously recognizes Jesus’ Lordship in all life and thought, that sees the material world as a fit object of holy Kingdom-building, and that moves beyond the institutional church to re-orient all areas of life in terms of distinctly Christian truth. (emphasis added)

Read the whole thing. Its has a very succinct and accurate description and critique of the Medieval concept of Christendom.