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Monday, May 09, 2005
More PCA Culture Critique
(Follow up of sorts of the Keller article - see below)

Article from New Pantaguel caught my attention: "Evangelicalism’s Insecure Calvinists: The Proliferation of the Evangelical Self-Critique Book at the End of the Twentieth Century" by Gregory Johnson. Questions the worth of Jeremiads like David Wells' No Place for Truth, Os Guiness' No God But God and Michael Horton's Made in America from the 1990s. Funny, I never thought of David Wells as insecure. Go figure.

A quick look at Johnson's site shows him to be firmly in pro-PoMo wing of the PCA. Could there be a connection here with his apparent lack of sympathy for those who see a real need for a recovery of the antithesis in the church?