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Monday, September 26, 2005
Its the Little Things
I was in Seattle saturday with my family visiting with my sister who had been out this way to go on a cruise. We spent some time wandering the Pioneer Square area near downtown - a very beautiful, old word feeling part of the city. One block I especially enjoyed on First Street which sported four used bookstores in close proximity!

One store - David Ishii Bookseller (video!) was especially noteworthy. My daughter found two books to her liking and at fair price. She payed for them in cash (cards not accepted) - and then, to our surprise, Mr. Ishii carefully wrapped her purchase in brown paper and tied the bundle with a ribbon with his name emblazoned on it. A neat package which only served to make the books all the more precious.

I couldn't help but think that this was an outgrowth of Mr. Ishii's Japanese heritage. Details and aesthetics matter so much in Japan. Or maybe its just an old fashioned bookseller practice - pre-paper/plastic bag.

At any rate, it made our day.