The Native Tourist
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Monday, November 14, 2005
from a fact-finding mission in Moscow, ID. Some observations:

1. The Palouse is beautiful, even in November.

2. Bucers is super cool. No big surprise here. Had a token pint of Guinness.

3. NSA is impressive. Speaking as a dad, I really like the sense of community. I was also glad to see that at least come men didn't wear ties and some women wore slacks. And there is some ability for students to specialize via electives. I'm not sure I buy the professional education is evil rhetoric.

4. Moscow is has a lot going for it for a city of twenty thousand.

5. Moscow has real winter weather (unlike the Willamette Valley). The people I stayed with plug their cars in at night!

6. Worship a Christ Church is really, really big. I like the intimacy of our small congregation.