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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Blast from the Past
I was doing some snooping on New Saint Andrews College and I came across a comment made by yours truly that appeared in the comments to this post. Gave me one of thos "did I really say that" moments:

Post 7:
I am all for the liberal arts. I have a degree in art history. But I had to get a graduate degree in library science in order to be able to have a job that puts food on the table.

I wonder how ready the young men who get a bachelors degree from NSA are to provide for a family in terms of a salary? What kind of jobs (other that teaching, like you Jon) can a liberal arts graduate do which earn enough to provide for a family?

Augustine may not have had a degree in computer science, but he didn't have a family either (at least one that was legitimate and who he provided for.) While Augustine was busy turning the world upside down, he was single and lived in a quasi-monastic community. Augustine pushed the church in the direction of monasticism out of which the liberal arts in the west came into our age. Is this what the liberal arts produce? Virtual monks destined for a single life?

I am surely not arguing for monasticism or for an abandonment of the liberal arts, but these practical issues need to be worked out. Young men must be ready to provide for the families they will (hopefully) be head over.
by: The Native Tourist (URL) on 2003-04-15 11:24:23

This was in response to two articles critical of the radical liberal arts approach taken by NSA, which I bloged on here.