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Thursday, November 03, 2005
Brown Gold
Reading my blog, you might think that I am fixated on 17th century Dutch art. And you would be not far from the truth. (Indeed, I hope to make it my next book project, Lord willing.)

Anyway, there is another show in Washington, DC of the work of "Claesz: Master of Haarlem Still Life" (see review from NY Times)

Claesz' paintings (along with Heda and lanscapist Van Goyen) have contributed to the stereotyoe of the "brown" old masters. But his small cabinet paintings are the epitome of gentle balance, subtlety and quiet grandeur. I still can't forget Francis Schaeffer discussing these dutch still life paintings in the film series How Then Shall We Live? For Schaeffer the embodied the very essence of protestant thinking/worldview.