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Friday, December 30, 2005
A Giant Step Backwards
Jeff Meyers recently posted on reponses to his book: The Lord's Service Questions - All of Life is Worship?. Here is part of his post:

The point is: work is not worship. All of life is worship only in a metaphorical (though real) sense. You can work with a worshipful attitude. That's fine. You can and should by faith work for the glory of God keeping his law! That's great, too. But working with that motivation, goal, and according to God's standard comes about as the result of proper Sunday corporate worship. Fixing a meal for the family is not worship. Eating the Lord's Supper with your local body of Christ is. You learn how to eat gracefully at the Lord's Table. But eating dinner at your family table is different than eating at the Lord's Table with the church.

If what Meyers means is the work is not "formal worship" that is fine. I can agree with him. But if he means that our work is not worship in a very real sense, he is missing the point. He would appear to be returning the Medieval mess of a sacred/secular distinction. As Genesis 2:15 shows, abad, which refers to the cultural development of the earth means to work, to worship and the serve. Work was the same as worship in the garden. Shouldn't it be same today?

I develop this idea in the postscript of my book, "Culture and Sabbath".

I can't disagree enough with Meyer's take on this question. If we fail to see the our cultural endeavors are worship, they will always take a second place to formal worship. The monestery is only a couple of steps away...