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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Too Generous?
Some quotes from Brian McLaren's A Generous Orthodoxy taken from Doug Wilson's latest entry on on the book:

"I must add, though, that I don't believe making disciples must equal making adherents to the Christian religion. It may be advisable in many (not all!) circumstances to help people become followers of Jesus and remain within their Buddhist, Hindu, or Jewish contexts. This will be hard, you say, and I agree. But frankly, it's not at all easy to be a follower of Jesus in many 'Christian' religious contexts, either." (p. 260)

"In this light, although I don't hope all Buddhists will become (cultural) Christians, I do hope all who feel so called will become Buddhist followers of Jesus; I believe they should be given that opportunity and invitation. I don't hope all Jews or Hindus will become members of the Christian religion. But I do hope all who feel so called will become Jewish or Hindu followers of Jesus." (p. 264)

At appears we need the Antithesis more than ever. What we need are Christians who ARE cultural Christians. More than ever.