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Monday, January 30, 2006
Kit Gloves
Here is a gentle demonstration of why religious commitment - in particular Christian religious commitment - matters in the area of education. In other words, there is such thing as Christian education. (Unlike what the Two-Kingdom proponants would foolishly argue.) From an article by Lee Hardy of Calvin College. (hat tip to Gideon)

Clearly, the acceptance of a creed is not irrelevant to the aims of the academy. The academy is dedicated to the pursuit of truth. In expressing and aligning our beliefs about fundamental matters, the creeds—if they are right—can enhance our ability to track the truth about the rest of the world. That is, they can enhance our positive freedom to know the truth by removing a key internal constraint: our striking ignorance of how things stand concerning the ultimate status of God, ourselves, and the world we inhabit. The creeds can therefore be seen as an academic asset, not a liability, as an intellectual resource, not a restriction.