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Friday, January 06, 2006
Plunder Theology

...what separates believers from pagans is that we are heirs, while they are merely slaves. We are sons, and they but hired hands. Even now, Mozart's Requiem, while it is ultimately God's, has been handed over to Bach for stewardship in heaven. Milton carries about the folios of Homer, Virgil, and Yeats. Relativity is being herded by Newton. David Brainerd is thinking Pascal's thoughts, and if he didn't actually make it, Chesterton's works are in C.S. Lewis's heavenly briefcase.

We are going to inherit the earth, and the fullness thereof. That means everything that is not wood, hay and stubble will belong to us, everything the heathen work for, and all that we work for, because we are joint-heirs with Christ. The jewelry of the Egyptians was but a picture and a down payment, a type and an earnest.

--R.C. Sproul, Jr.