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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Finding Another Word
Over at ByFaith Online they have posted a pretty good article that traces many of the contours of my book: "Easter for Enron – The Hope of Full Restoration: In the End, God Redeems Man's Work for the Sake of His Glory" by Dick Doster. They have also inititated an online discussion of this topic here.

This article got me thinking about something that disturbs me: the frequent use of the word redeem in connection with culture, work, art, etc. Repeatedly I see the phrase "redeem the culture", or "redeeming art". I know that Paul talked about "redeeming time" in Ephesians so that word is not necessarily limited to people, but is this the right word?

I think that a better word would be renewal or transformation. Or maybe recovered or reclaimed. Reborn?

What word do you think fits?