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Friday, May 26, 2006
Green Roots?
From Andrew Sandlin:

Enlightenment thinkers externalized the world, but Rousseau re-interiorized it in dramatic ways. While for Enlightenment, nature is to be harnessed by man, for Rousseau, “an emotional attunement to it can transfigure human existence.” To oversimplify, man does not harness nature so much as nature harnesses (or should harness) man. Indeed, for Rousseau, man’s main problem has been his retreat from nature, his creating “culture,” with all its conventions that shield him from a simple, direct unity with nature. To Rousseau the great Edenic “Fall” is the fall not from God, but from nature. This “back to nature” program has been the clarion call of various Western revolutionaries...

Sound a bit like the environmental movement?

(I've some non-environmental Christians talk this way as well, denying the goodness of call to make culture.)