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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
A Lack of Support?
ByFaith online has the following item/survey:

One Minute Survey on Supporting Christian Artists

In the introduction to his new book, Art for God’s Sake (P&R Publishing, 2006), Philip G. Ryken, senior pastor of Tenth Presbyterian (PCA) Church in Philadelphia, says this: “...things are even more difficult for the Christian artist [than for the secular artist]. Some churches do not consider art a serious way to serve God. Others deny that Christians in the arts have a legitimate calling. As a result, Christian artists often feel like they have to justify their existence. Rather than providing a community of support, some churches surround them with a climate of suspicion.” Does your church provide a community of support, a climate of suspicion, or are you somewhere in between. And why? Click here and take our one minute survey: http://websurveyor.net/wsb.dll/9961/PCAJul06C.htm

I will be really interested to see what the results of this survey will be. Do artists in contemporary churches - especially reformed churches - really have that much lack of support within their congregations? Sure there may be a lack of monetary support, but is there a lack of general encouragement?

I wonder if in many cases the artists bring suspicion upon themselves when they adopt the approach of the non-Christian artistic mainstream rather than orient themselves to serve the community as a craftsman...