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Thursday, July 27, 2006
What I Did on my Summer Vacation

to NYC:

1. Had some wonderful times visiting with "old" friends from our former church Messiah's in Brooklyn including an evening with the Setyons (our gracious hosts) who provided some authentic Italian food.

2. Listened to my wife sing concert/coffee houses in Brooklyn and Greenwich Village (at the facilities of the Neighborhood Church on Bleeker Street - cool!)

3. Visited two art museums - the Metropolitan and the Frick while dodging thunderstorms in Manhattan.

4. Made contact with several Christians involved in the arts including Kirk Irwin, Mako Fujimura, and members of Messiahs who are jazz musicians and graphic designers.

5. Visited the Garage flea market on 25th Street.

6. Enjoyed visiting my Dad and sister on LI as well as a drive through my old haunts Locust Valley and the North Fork.

7. Sunday worship at Messiahs

8. Eating. You can't visit Brooklyn without eating!