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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Interesting article by Quentin Schultze on "Technology and Worship" posted at ByFaith.com. The article hinges on the idea of "fittingness". But how is this to be defined?


Fittingness is not just a matter of style. In fact, the so-called worship wars between contemporary and traditional services are leading us astray. The question is not whether worship is contemporary or traditional, high-tech or low-tech, PowerPoint-inclusive or PowerPoint exclusive. Instead we need to ask the more difficult questions about fittingness: Is God being glorified and praised? Are we being moved to worship in Spirit and truth? Do we "hear" from Jesus during the service? Do we "see" our sins more clearly? Are we filled with gratefulness for the journey ahead? Are we challenged to go out into the world as agents of God's Kingdom?

I also found out yesterday that my poet friend in Newberg participates in The Critical Poet which is a forum where one can have their poetry critiqued.

Here is a well written article on Jackson Pollock from The New Yorker.