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Friday, August 04, 2006
Studio Visit
As I said before, one of the highlights of my visit to New York City last month was getting together with Kirk Irwin and Mako Fujimura. We fist talked about an hour at a noodle place about Christian involvement in art and culture and the ways in which they have been encouraging students and local ministries to see the big picture in terms of culture-making being a Kingdom priority. I was happy to hear that they have using my book to help Christians get in touch with this vision.

Next, I was honored with visit to Mako's studio in Tribeca. I hadn't visited a artists studio in some time. It was a pleased to see a number of his paintings up close and personal (he had a large one from his Water Flames series that he had just completed). I enjoyed talking to Mako about his processes, the kind of aesthetic effects he is trying to capture in his pieces and some of the artists he admires. (We both shared an interest in Archile Gorky which we had both seen at the Guggenheim Museum in the 80s!)

Here are some pictures documenting our afternoon together (sorry about the poor quality):

Kirk and Moi

Mako and The Native Tourist