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Monday, September 25, 2006
Blast from the Past
That is to say, Pete Steen. Article by Bryan Borger on Comment.

Steen had an impact on my life, albeit indirectly. I met or heard him a couple of times circa 1980. In that way he didn't have that much of an impact. (I remember him being an energetic, funny loudmouth.)

His influence on me was more indirect. Steen's effect on others helped shape my Kuyperian approach to culture and art. Like my friend Ian who met Steen at Geneva College and through whom I first heard of Dooyeweerd. Ian scored a copy of Seerveld's A Christian Critique of Art and Literature from a tiny bookstore/office on Chatham College that was the first book I ever read on art from a Christian perspective. And there was Steen's influence on Coalition for Christian Outreach which sponsored the Jubilee Conference where I first heard Calvin Seerveld in 1977.

I never became a full-blown follower of Dooyeweerd. But I did become a Christian cultural activist. And in part this is due to Pete Steen.