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Friday, September 29, 2006
Its Only Work
This C.S. Lewis quote on Doug Wilson's blog caught my eye:

"Artists also talk of Good Work; but decreasingly. They begin to prefer words like ‘significant,’ important,’ contemporary,’ or ‘daring.’ These are not, to my mind, good symptoms" (C.S. Lewis, The World’s Last Night, p. 72).

Not good symptoms indeed.

Rookmaaker and Seerveld emphasize again and again the dire importance of seeing art-making as a craft - as a job. Artists are not some sort of special case. Art-making is a vocation like any other vocation. That artists are like high-wire acrobats "working without a net" as they death defyingly slather paint across a canvas (or better yet, drip the paint on the canvas!) is a BIG FAT LIE of modernism. Christian artists need to avoid drinking that koolaid.

Which is why (see my previous post) Christians need to connected to the local body.

Now more than ever.