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Tuesday, September 26, 2006
A Pretty Good Plow
From Books & Culture - a review of The John Deere Story:

Deere's 1837 creation wasn't the first steel plow, and John never claimed to have invented it. Others had bolted or otherwise used steel to cut the soil, but Deere's design was the best. His plow stayed clean and sharp and was said to sing as it cut through the tough prairie soil. When work as a blacksmith once again became harder to find, Deere began slowly shifting into the plow-making business. He built 10 plows in 1839, 40 plows in 1840, and by 1842 Deere was hammering out 100 plows.

The painting on the cover of my book is Fall Plowing by Grant Wood. When I found it (Doug Jones asked my to find a appropriate image) I thought it was the perfect image for what I was trying to say in Plowing. The iconic image illustrated perfectly how the prairie has been tranformed into the fruitful plains. This was largely due to Mr. Deere's plow.

The additional irony is that Wood's painting is owned by the John Deere Company in Iowa.