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Monday, December 04, 2006
Real van Rijn
I have posted a bunch of times this past year about Rembrandt, who has had his 400th birthday celebrated by huge number (more than a hundred!) exhibitions and symposia this year.

I also am intregued by the issues of authenticity and "found" art works. How important is it that an artwork is actually made by a certain individual? This issue is a really big deal (think: fraud) in the business world. But in the end does it really matter, as long as an art is ultimately recognized for its excellence?

For example, the so-called Polish Rider in the Frick Museum is doubted by the majority of art experts to be painted by Rembrandt. It is nevertheless a great painting.

Recently, two articles have could my attention on this issue (and on Rembrandt in particular) that are worth a look:

from the New York Times

from the Independant