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Friday, January 05, 2007
Cultural Strategy
I saw an announcement at the Center for Cultural Leadership site for The Issachar Project conference to be heald next weekend in LA.

Its interesting to contrast the CCL approach with the approach taken by the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival (& Academy) sponsored by Vision Forum.

The CCL/Issachar emphasis is to try infiltrate Hollywood and influence the mainstream film industry:

We believe that the categories of Enlightenment modernity have been successfully identified as philosophically inadequate, ultimately unbiblical, and no longer applicable to our postmodern culture. The world of arts and entertainment now lead as the most influential force of human culture. We think Christianity should lead that force.

The San Antonio emphasis is on training and encouraging Christians to bypass Hollywood and create independant films which will (hopefully) be free of theological compromise:

This is a wonderful time to be a Christian engaged in the arts. The enormous leadership vacuum within our culture has opened a world of opportunity for a new generation of maverick Christians to challenge the status quo presented by Hollywood. More than ever before in the recent history of our nation, we have access to the tools for waging a new form of cultural guerilla warfare.

I tend to favor the latter approach. While it might be possible (like Mel Gibson) to have the financial resources and chutzpah to make large scale films at the periphery of Hollywood (I would call his approach quasi-independant), I would seriously doubt that Christians - accept in very large numbers - could have much impact. It would be like trying to change the direction of supertanker with a bunch of small boats with outboard motors. Even hundreds of such boats would have a tiny impact.

Speaking of indpendant Christian media - has anyone seen Doug Jones Sourdoughs DVD?