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Thursday, February 01, 2007
More about Modest Houses (and Seattle)
A follow-up on my post on Frank Lloyd Wright from a couple of days ago.

This article on small houses for small urban lots caught my eye. The pictured example of a house built in Seattle (with the land) for under $250 is a near miracle!

We live in an old house (which we added on to) on a small urban lot (30x100') in a small city (20K). It is very workable. And being able to walk to stuff (stores, galleries, Christian college campus, library, friends) is an absolute delight!

Space and privacy are nice. But the pressure to achieve such an ideal puts unbelievable pressure on young families, mothers with young children to work outside the home, etc. The covenant community should be at the forefront of figuring out creative solutions to this problem.

HT: Gideon Strauss