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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Trip/Conference Thoughts Pt. 1
Before the conference, besides visiting my Dad and stepmom in Greenport, NY on the East End of Long Island, I took time to visit a handfull of art museums which had solid collections of Dutch art: the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Walters Art Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Walters and the PMA both have excellent collections of Golden Age art, the latter one of the best collections in the United States.

The Walters recently arranged their galleries to resemble (simulate is probably a better word) period rooms, which was effective esp. in that they were able to hang a large number of paintings (one above another) that would not be seen in a more typical museum layout.

The PMA has a fantastic collection highlighting the different facets of types and styles of 17th C Dutch art. I really liked the little kitchen still-life by Willem Kalf. The PMA also has an extensive collection of Delft pottery and tiles.

On the way up to New York from Philadelphia, I rode with Bill Edgar, professor at Westminster Seminary, who also presented at the IAM Conference. It was fun finding out about his experiences at L'Abri and with Rookmaaker, as well as talking about Jazz, music theory, two-kingdom theology, Kuyperianism, Van Til, etc.