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Monday, March 12, 2007
Hard to believe that this quote comes from Virginia Postrel, design pundit. It from an article she wrote in The Atlantic about "soft lofts" - new loft-like condos being build in America's kewl cities.

It has to be one of the most bizarre definitions I have come across:

Aesthetic authenticity comes not from some preexisting definition of truth but from a match between form and desire. To be fully authentic, a design must serve the emotional, expressive, and practical purposes of its users. Authenticity is thus what “seems right”—a decidedly subjective and changeable criterion, not something that can be deduced from nature. What we find authentic can evolve over time, as new styles develop through appropriation and recombination of old ideas.

Or maybe it isn't so hard to believe.

(I found this at Richard Florida's blog. An irony since I wrote book reviews of Postrel and Florida's books for Comment a while back.)