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Monday, March 05, 2007
Trip/Conference Thoughts Pt. 4
A number of themes came out in many of the presentations at the IAM conference (which strangely enough, I ended up talking about as well):

1. Culture has a future in the New Heavens and the New Earth. This future is tied to God's redemption of creation in the future (Romans 8:17ff).

2. We need a new way of thinking about art that stands apart from the "usual" way of art-making. A key aspect of this is service.

3. Art patronage needs to be fixed. I'm not sure that everyone agreed on the solution. But everyone saw that there is a real problem. Artists are not making a living. Do we need more funding from the government? Some thought so. (I would vigorously disagree.) We need way more praying and thinking about this. How is this supposed to work?

I just recently came across this article from Image magazine by Wayne Forte which I think is a start of a conversation on the problem of patronage. Community is the key.