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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Words that Burn
I have to find time to ready Philip Jenkins writings on the changing shape/location of Christendom on planet earth.

These changes should have huge cultural implications. That is, the shape of Christian culture will change! Maybe this will be the opportunity to shake off the deleterious effects of Hellenism which has impeded the development of a pure Christian culture.

This review of Jenkins latest book in CT highlights the "new" Christendom's attitude toward scripture, which, if accurate, heralds great things to come!

To understand this approach to the Bible, Jenkins informs us of the ways in which the Scriptures, freshly translated, have been received into Asian and African societies. In many of these realms, people already were familiar with the idea of sacred texts, so the Bible was given special status from the start. In the hands of newly literate people, the power of biblical words has been explosive. Northerners need to recall the electrifying force in Reformation days of common-language Scriptures, made available to new readers. "It burns!" exclaimed one of the Puritan preachers about the Bible, and so it does today for Nigerians and Indians and Chinese.