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Monday, June 04, 2007
Radical Art

Artistically, technically, what is revolutionary about this Golden Age?

It is not a revolutionary time. The artists were simply concerned with making pictures for sale. That was new. That was revolutionary. That was the big change. That's a parallel to what's going on today. Previously, great art had been commissioned by the church or by princes. But this was a whole new world. It was an open art market where people with expendable income and assets were looking to buy pictures, in particular, but also silver, to establish who they were and what their values were for themselves as well as for their neighbors. It was self-definition through the purchase of art.

--from an article in the Oregonian about the Rembrandt show at the Portland Art Museum

This was one of the points that I made in my talk the IAM NY conference and is a key point made my Abraham Kuyper in his Stone lectures. The reformation liberated the visual arts from liturgy. What resulted was an explosion of new art...