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Tuesday, August 07, 2007
A Visit to the Gnostic Empire
Next week should be an interesting one for the Native Tourist. My family and I will be spending several days in eastern Oregon at First OPC Family Camp (we have attended this several times before).

This year the speaker will be Darryl Hart who will be taking his Two-Kingdom approach to Culture on the road.

So its kind of interesting that we have had two visiting preachers at our church the past two weeks who have preached from a Vos-ian church-as-"Spiritual" perspective the past two weeks. Lunchtime talks after the service were very lively. To put it bluntly, though these men would never admit outright, they see little worth in cultural endeavors. Culture is only temporary. Its all going to burn. Chrisians and the church are to be concerned with "heavenly" matters.

Such a radical position on culture isn't much better (or different) from dispensationalism.

So I have been boning up a little on this stuff. This blog has been really helpful.