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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Wilson on Kuyperianism

True Kuyperian practice is not to go out into the world and do pretty much what everybody else is doing, only with a Jesus label attached. This is not the lordship of Christ -- rather it is Christians getting into the manufacture of knock-offs. If something gets popular in the world, the Christians are right there with a competing model made with cheap labor in a Third World factory and using a lot more plastic.

In order for the Kuyperian spheres to be rightly related to one another, it is necessary for all of them to be rightly related to worship, a worship of God that is at the center. In the first place, this means worship on the Lord's Day, and in the second place, worship in other settings -- like chapel at seminary.

(Doug Wilson's post goes on to propose that the chapel services at seminaries are a crucial barometer of the health of seminary.)

Purhaps a better indication of a correct posture towards worship is one's sabbath day observance - formal worship and keeping the rest of day holy.