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Monday, November 05, 2007
Lordship and Culture-Building
from Doug Wilson (in response to DG Hart's book):

There is also the question of what the Lordship of Christ means exactly. In my view, it means discipling the nations, baptizing them, and teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded. It does not mean, just to be clear, invoking the name of Jesus in order to justify every damn fool idea that might be floating around in our heads. It means preaching the gospel in the narrow sense, saving souls, planting churches, building parish life, and then expecting the right worship of God in that place to transform that region over the course of centuries, and eventually the world over the course of millennia.

I am curious how Wilson sees cultural transformation flowing out of worship (esp. formal worship), but it is a fairly fine quote. It mixes well with Phil Ryken quote - see below...