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Friday, November 16, 2007
What Your Basic Approach?
Here is a really interesting item from David Bahnsen posted on Andrew Sandlin's blog where he talks about two kinds of post-mils:

There are two types of postmillennialists. Gradualists, who believe that there is subtle progress in all of history, and a long, progressive ride to kingdom conquest, and then there are the doomsdayers like some of the theonomists, who actually believe that things have to civilizationally collapse before the postmil predictions can be realized. Therefore, it is natural that the gradualists will be more Kuyperian, and a bit more assimilationist, while the doomsdayers will be more separatist, and tribalistic (i.e. ghetto).

A great manifestation of this fundamental difference is the knee-jerk reaction many have to various institutions. I was once one who immediately wanted to see "our own" version of everything (i.e. a third-party political alternative, new "Christian" universities, a "Christian music industry," a "Christian" news network, etc.). As my gradualistic and Kuyperian commitments have evolved, I now aspire to see the Republican party restored, the Harvards and Princetons re-captured, and Hollywood/New York subverted.

As I have said before, I am what I call an "earthy ammilennialist". I believe that Christian societal-cultural renewal is possible and worthwhile on a local/national level for a limited duration. And I think that a worldwide renewal is theortically possible but there is no biblical warrant for such an expection.

I have my doubts about the "subversion" of Hollywood/New York. Maybe it could happen over a long, long period of time (100 years at the very least). But am no catastrophic either nor am I a strict sepratist. I think we are better off working locally and building new Christian institutions and collaborating with non-Christians on a very selective basis.

I hold up what they are doing in Moscow, Idaho as a fine model.