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Monday, December 03, 2007
The Case Against Natural Law
Here is a review of David Van Drunen's A Biblical Case for Natural Law by Nelson Klosterman that appears in the Ordained Servant along with a reply from Van Drunen.

Klosterman does a nice job demonstrating the limitions of the Two Kingdom view. Here is a snippet:

Perhaps it is better, after all, not to speak of two kingdoms, but rather of various offices. Parents, for example, exercise both worldly and spiritual power over their children. Illustrative of the problematic two-kingdom construction being advocated by VanDrunen is the question: To which of the two kingdoms, worldly or spiritual, must we assign marriage and the family? Far better to speak of various offices (husband, father, citizen, employer, etc.), each of which demonstrates its own unique manner of service and rule. A prince, a father, an employer, a minister—each of them rules, but in very different ways. We must speak in a more pluriform fashion than Luther did. No one office is more or less worldly or spiritual than another, but all have been integrated and ordered in Christ Jesus.