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Friday, February 01, 2008
A couple of weeks ago we visited the Portland Art Museum where I saw a very interesting show on the printmaking of Chuck Close. Often called a photorealist, Close's art is really about process. Many of his monumental prints (some over 7 feed!) were displayed in various sequential states. One silkscreen he did had more than 120 colors. Having done prints in the past - some with as many as 14 colors, this is an amazing thing. Printmaking on this scale is surely a team effort.

I also saw the new Van Gogh.

I am looking forward to:

James Lavadour at the Halley Ford Museum in Salem two blocks from where I work (Lavadour is my favorite contemporary Oregon painter - aguably the best in our state right now)

The Dancer at the Portland Art Museum (featuring Degas a great draftsman)

The Gates of Paradise and Roman art from Louvre at rhe Seattle Art Museum

Also I might go to see Inspiring Impressionism at Seattle Art Museum which compares Old Master works with the Impressionists